Careers Education

麻豆果冻传媒官方入口r recognises the need to equip students to adapt to these changeable and challenging times. The School’s career development program assists students to develop the skills, knowledge and competencies necessary to successfully manage their careers. This is done in a structured and meaningful way through a range of programs, including:聽

  • Fortnightly聽Careers classes for Year 9 students addressing the key areas of personal management, learning and work exploration, and career building
  • Melbourne Careers Camp for Year 10 students
  • Partnership with the聽聽and their programs
  • School Work Experience program
  • Visits to career expos and tertiary open days
  • Career information sessions and guest speakers
  • Fortnightly Career Newsletter聽and聽
Helpful Links and Forms for Students and Parents

Local Career Video Showcase

To view the showcase of 56 local career videos click the link and enter the password.
This is a combined project of the Echuca Moama Beacon Foundation and the Campaspe Cohuna Local Learning and Employment Network (CCLLEN).

Password: znMRZ9sY6

Career Newsletters

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Careers Newsletter 23 June 2023
Careers Newsletter 26 May 2023
Careers Newsletter 30 March 2023
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Careers Newsletter 13 March 2024

Career Information

Built Environment courses
Exercise Physiology courses
Medical Sciences Pharmacy and Biomedicine
Medicine courses
Nutrition and Dietetics courses
Occupational Therapy courses
Oral Health and Dentistry courses
Orthoptics Optometry and Clinical Audiology courses
Physiotherapy Chiropractic Osteopathy and Myotherapy courses
Podiatry courses
Prosthetics and Orthotics courses
Social Work and Youth Work courses
Speech Pathology courses
Veterinary Science courses
Built Environment courses

Tertiary Information

– all about the HSC, the ATAR and choosing tertiary courses
VTAC Application Process

UAC Application Process
Early Admission Programs, Victoria
Accommodation Guide

Subject Selection Information

– all about the HSC, the ATAR and choosing subjects
– understanding prerequisites for Victorian tertiary institutions
– compare HSC and VCE subjects for prerequisites
– compare HSC and VCE marks for prerequisites
Career Posters – match your interests, qualities and skills to various career industries
Morrisby Brochure – information about the assessment and questionnaires to assist students discover strengths and weaknesses, preferences and interests

Work Experience Information

Student Placement Record
Accommodation away from home form –

Student Guide
Parent Guide
Employer Guide

The has outlined the following changing nature of life, learning and work:
鈥淥ver the last decade it has become evident that the way we live and work has been dramatically altered by factors such as globalisation, the rapid increases in information and communications technology and significant demographic shifts.

  • The concept of a 鈥榡ob for life鈥 no longer exists. Most individuals will change jobs numerous times throughout their working lives.
  • There has been a trend away from permanent employment to more varied working arrangements such as contract and project work.
  • Gone are the days where a person could gain a single qualification which would sustain them throughout their entire working lives.
  • In addition to job-related skills, individuals now need skills such as communication, problem solving, teamwork and personal attributes such as adaptability, resilience, enthusiasm and openness to new ideas.Times have clearly changed. Now, both the individual and the labour market are subject to constant variation and, for many people, transitioning from one situation to another is a recurring motif. The old three-stage pattern of preparing for work; working; and then retiring is fast disappearing, yet many current workers have not had the opportunity to develop the career management competencies that they require to cope with, let alone thrive in, such an environment.鈥

Contact Careers Adviser Mr Curtis Townrow for further information.