Music and Performing Arts – Extra and Co-Curricular


The School has established a program for students wishing to learn a musical instrument and/or singing. These lessons are provided at the School, during school hours and are conducted on a fee for service basis. Lesson fees vary and are payable in advance each term (contact Reception for further information). Please note that our tutors are independent contractors and therefore set their own fees according to level of experience and qualifications.
Tuition is available for the following in 2024:
WOODWIND:聽Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone
BRASS:聽Cornet, Trombone, Trumpet
PERCUSSION:聽Drums, Piano
痴翱滨颁贰:听Singing, Singing with the option of beginner piano accompaniment
厂罢搁滨狈骋厂:听Cello, Violin, Electric Bass Guitar, Guitar
翱罢贬贰搁:听Theory, Rock Band**, Brass/Woodwind Step Up program (group lessons 鈥 see note below*), Vocals*The Brass / Woodwind Step Up program invites Year 7 students who were previously part of our Year 6 Brass / Woodwind Music classes, to continue their learning on either trumpet, trombone or saxophone in a group setting during weekly lunchtime lessons. New students to 麻豆果冻传媒官方入口r who are interested in learning one of these instruments are also invited to join this program. These lessons will be conducted in a group setting and a reasonable fee, which is less than one-on-one extra-curricular tuition, will be charged for participation in this group.
**Please note that it is recommended students already learn an instrument (such as piano, bass, guitar or vocals) if they wish to join a Rock Band. Limited places are available in our Primary and Secondary Rock Bands.Individual lessons are scheduled weekly in 30-minute blocks and are rotated each week to minimise disruption to classroom programs.Group lessons are offered but only conducted when 2-3 students are learning at the same level of competency (subject to the discretion of the tutor). Not all instruments are suited to group tuition and after a term of tuition, parents may be advised to book an individual lesson to ensure that the student is able to progress at his/her anticipated rate.Generally, students must provide their own instruments. Please note that a limited number of trumpets, trombones, saxophones and flutes are available to hire from the School; inquiries can be made to the Extra-Curricular Coordinator.The tutor will endeavour to supply a minimum of eight lessons per term. On occasion, lessons may need to be cancelled due to illness or other absences. Tutors will make every endeavour to reschedule missed lessons in circumstances where reasonable notice of an intended absence has been supplied directly to the tutor via phone.Fees are to be paid in advance. Payment is to be made directly to each individual music teacher.

One term鈥檚 notice must be given to withdraw from the program. Otherwise all lessons must be paid for, whether taken or not.

Please discuss these terms with your tutor at the commencement of the tuition agreement.

Should you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions, please contact our聽Head of Student Experience – Extra Curricular Music Program (K-12), Mrs Fiona Gibbs.

For participation, please complete our聽

Co-Curricular Music Ensemble Program

Co-Curricular music students are invited to rehearse and perform in one of our Instrumental Ensemble programs. Students receive tuition by our experienced tutors and academic music staff. The School covers the cost of this tuition; no out of pocket expenses will be incurred by the student.

2024 Ensemble Program

Jr. Singers Years 3-6 Mrs Fiona Gibbs
MAG Drumline Int/Adv students Mr Kevin Kiely
MAG Jazz Ensemble Adv students Mr Kevin Kiely
Marching Pep Band Int/Adv students Mr Kevin Kiely

Performance Opportunities

Students are encouraged to showcase their progress in the many performance opportunities that occur within the school calendar, including at regular school assemblies and classroom/lunchtime concerts.
We also host two evening instrumental concerts and School Musical Productions/concerts throughout the year.
Students are invited weeks in advance to audition for these concerts by Faculty Staff.
Any questions relating to Music at 麻豆果冻传媒官方入口r should be directed to our Head of Student Experience – Extra Curricular Music Program (K-12), Mrs Fiona Gibbs.

Concert dates for 2024

Performance Year levels Term
Young Performers Concert 2024 K – Year 6 Term 2
Winter Candlelight Concert 2024 Year 7 – 12 Term 3
Primary Christmas Concert 2024 K – Year 6 Term 4

School Productions

For information on our Secondary productions, please contact our Head of Creative and Performing Arts, Ms Chandra Hale.