Strategic Plan and Policies

Strategic plan

The Strategic Plan is a statement to the school community and it establishes a clear and shared understanding of the strategic direction.

It defines what the school values most and sets out the school’s goals, targets and聽key strategies for improvement, and guides resourcing priorities.

Key features of the 2020-2024 麻豆果冻传媒官方入口r Strategic Plan are:

  • The School’s vision and Core Values
  • Intentional actions in teaching and learning, staffing, business management, communication,聽 community and governance.
  • Identifying risks that impact on the school’s priorities and strategic intents
  • Identifying financial, human and physical resource requirements to implement the Strategic Plan.

You can view the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan here.

Annual Report

2023 Annual Report
2022 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report

Master plan

The Master Plan, responds to the vision, educational plan and business plan of the School and supports the Strategic Plan.

The Master Plan provides a road map from the existing facilities to a future-vision of an educational environment which supports the service delivery requirements of the school.

麻豆果冻传媒官方入口r is currently reviewing its Master Plan in order to develop an overlay that will provide an environment conducive to learning, which can be adapted to meet future changes in educational ideas, and new curricular and co-curricular activities.聽 The overlay will take in to consideration aesthetic design, sustainability and construction considerations including architecture, landscape design, interior design, building construction and urban planning.

The Master Plan will recommend facilities that will contribute to excellent learning opportunities that will help 麻豆果冻传媒官方入口r become the institution of choice within the region. to view our Master Plan.


A policy statement is a document that describes acceptable methods or behaviours. Essentially, a policy defines the way things are done within 麻豆果冻传媒官方入口r.聽 Policies are different from guidelines, procedures or protocols, because policies intend to set direction.

Policy intentions are transformed into action by school staff, students and the wider community.

The School’s policies, which are made from time to time, are made pursuant to the registration requirements set out in Section 47 of the NSW Education Act and the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards.

Click below to view our School Policies:

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy

Code Red and Catastrophic Fire Day Policy
Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
Code of Conduct Parents and Guardians

Parent Communication and Involvement Policy

Complaints Handling Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Student Code of Conduct

Student Use of Mobile Phones

School policies are currently being reviewed and updated, they will be uploaded when complete.
Please contact the school if you would like to access a particular policy.